US or Canada help me?

I'm considering moving to Canada or US. Both has their own brand new paths for me and I'm going to see both of them for the first time when I move there.
But I need to decide. Canada or US? Which state?
First let me tell you about a bit of me.
I'm a psychologist. Have a pale skin and blonde hair. Though I'm from MiddleEast, I have a very strong LA accent. I like whether always sunny or always snowy weather. I'm an atheist and do NOT want to be judged because of it. I like big cities and quiet places both. But a big city with lots of parks and sea would be amazing! I don't want sad faces around me and I'd love to see happy faces and hear polite voices around me, if it's possible.
That's all that comes to mind right now. Please let me know if you wanna know more to inform me about the place that suits me most.
Thanks so so much.


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  • If you have a choice between moving to the USA or Canada, everyone knows that Canada's a better place to live. Especially if you're from the Middle East, as you say. And if you're looking for somewhere where you won't get judged for your faith (or lack thereof), or your racial background- a big city, with lots of parks, along the sea coast, with lots of happy faces and polite voices around you? I'd recommend Vancouver, or somewhere else in Greater Vancouver, such as Richmond or Surrey.

    If you do want to go to the USA though, then so long as it isn;t paramount that you live in a coastal city, I'd recommend Portland, Oregon. The 'City of Roses', and the Greenest City in America, with one of the best park systems in the USA, and one of the lowest crime rates. It's also the least religious city in the USA, and the only one which now has more declared atheists than religious people. So that'd be your best choice in the USA, IMHO.

    • Oh my lord, Your suggestion is REALLY helping. I'll check Oregon too. Thank you so much. That was what I needed!

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  • Hunny you obviously want Canada. Everyone wants Canada. Come to Canada.

    • Haha this message of yours is the bomb. Where exactly you suggest me to come in Canada? :)

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    • Never been but BC is one of the most expensive provinces to live in.

    • heard it is beautiful there though.

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  • A lot of what you described seems like Toronto.
    Summers are warm, winters are cold.
    There are loud and quiet places.
    No one cares about religion here.

    As for sad faces can't help you there. People all have the "I'm focused on doing my thing" look.

    • Everywhere in the world they have the faces but some places like russia are like making me want to kill myself instantly. A little politeness, please? It's not gonna hurt anyone or something.
      And thank you for your advice.
      I heard Toronto is full of people all around the world. :)

    • Well politeness depends on the individual. On average though Canadians are more polite than Americans.

    • Yeah individuals matter. But weather has something to do with it too, I guess. Cloudy weathers makes people kill themselves more, studies have shown.
      Whatever, there will always be rude and polite ones:) thanks for the answer!

  • Do you really wanna move to a country where trump is a possible President?

    But in seriousness I think Canada is much safer and friendlier place to be. Also I think the US has more radical christians than Canada. Also Canada is REALLY nice in British Columbia, Toronto area and others. I mean cmon we're so nice here... and maple syrup... and cute Canadian guys. But WHATEVER you do, DON'T go to Quebec.

    • Okay Quebec's outta list.
      And cross your fingers for UBC apply me, eh?:)

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    • Geez, I know right? Hope it's not so expensive there since I'm not a Rockafeller.
      And thank you for the wishes hun. :)

    • Uh I hear a lot of places in Vancouver aren't too expensive and no problem :)

  • If you want sunny, Canada is out. California is sunny in the south and an afternoon drive to the Sierra mountains in the winter for snow.

    • California is a good choice but what do you think about the psychologist salaries there?

    • @Asker lots of people in both the LA and the SF bay area need psychological help, and they are some of the highest paying areas of the country. Though cost of living is also fairly high.

  • As I canadain I think Canada's better maby Vancouver or Toronto

    • Vancouver is the best, don't you think?:)

    • Was only there for a hour in my hole life and that was enough for me

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  • Toronto in Canada perhaps?

    Canadian people are lush and are so nice :D

    • Thank you. I'll probably be Canadian in the future😊

    • Hope it works out!! :D :D

    • Fingers crossed JellyBean. I'm just stressed about salaries and stuff, you know. The rest will be better, I assume. Countries like Canada or us surely will be better than turkey at every point. 😊