Why did she keep staring at my crotch?

I'm really hoping it's not the obvious answer 😒 This girl I just met kept looking at my crotch and every time I'd catch her she'd look away. It got really annoying after a while. Are there any other reasons why?


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  • Ur flys were open

    • That actually happened a few days ago 😂 but not today

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  • She want the D!

    Or you had an unfortunate stain there!

    • I made sure there was nothing there after I caught her the first few times 😒😒

    • Well then, she was probably just trying to work out what your were hiding down there!

    • I guess I'll take it as a compliment?

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  • Checking the goods, inspecting the equipment, she was attracted to your magnet...

    • I was hoping it wasn't the case lol... In that moment I got extremely self-conscious for some reason