If a random girl responds quickly in chat, can I assume she's interested?

I pinged a girl of my uni in FB. We never talked/interacted before. We just used to have eye contact and smiling to each other. In FB we had chat for like 40 minutes. Whenever I was asking something, she was replying immediately. Even though from my side, because I was talking with someone I was replying or asking with 4-5 min gap.

hi gagers


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  • It's hard to say. Some girls just have no life so they answer fast, I know that's how I would be. I know you said you don't interact much in person, but is there any way she acts towards you that is different from how other girls do? Is there a specific action that sticks out?

    • umm, I mean she's not even in my class. But she pretty much sneakily checks me out. Her friends sometimes stare at me. Not to mention she becomes really spacey and nervous in front of me. So I thought she may be interested at me. But again as we even shouldn't know each others name, I'm wondering is it okay to ask her out in FB.

    • It wouldn't hurt to ask her to hang out outside if school? Then you can get a chance to really see what you both feel. If she gets nervous and stares a lot that is a good sign.

    • well not school, wherever you see her lol. Just noticed your age so you could see her anywhere

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