What were you told about Islam?


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  • That it's a peaceable religion , and it's followers who love Allah will abide by the Qur'an. Every Muslim is accountable to Allah for their wrongdoing.

    Muslims strive to bring honour to God, and try to live their lives in such a way so it doesn't bring reproach upon God's name, or onto fellow believers


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  • "What were you told about Islam?"

    That's a good religion as any other. I'm a Christian (more of a religionless God believer) and I think Islam is pretty cool.

    • muslims actually like Christians cause of the fact they respect marry and we like anyone who respects marry , we believe she is the best women ever walked on earth

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  • not much thing i learnt it by reading Qur'an

    • you should also read the Sahih Hadith. they are second to Quran, very good, very informative.

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