Do you think use of psychedelic drugs (LSD, Mushrooms) can be a romantic activity with your partner?

I don't favor hardcore drugs (or alcohol for that matter) and I don't think one should use them on a regular basis, but I think on occasion, psychedelic use can be a really rewarding way to get to know someone on a deeper level.

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  • I've done shrooms several times with friends as well as MDMA and they do totally bring you closer and provide a deep and intimate experience together.

    Never done them with a romantic partner but I imagine it would be a great experience! I will never find out tho, because my boyfriend isn't into that kind of stuff - he's never even smoked weed! I don't really do it anymore either, though I did do MDMA this summer with my friends when we were camping. That's probably my last time tho.

    • I did ketamine with a partner before. It was fun, but it's not a full on psychedelic. I never tried shrooms or acid with a partner. I tried it alone. In small doses, it makes me calm and full of wonder. In large doses, it's very scary and I feel really alone. I would imagine that this would be best with a partner.

    • I would never do that kind of drug alone - sounds dangerous.

      I've never done ketamine before and never plan to either. I've seen people go into k-holes and no fucking thankyou!

    • A "bad" trip on Ketamine is much less scary than a bad trip on Shrooms/LSD. But it's more of a drug for intoxication than perspective. Shrooms/LSD are much more beautiful and profound at their best.

  • Not for me.


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