How is society female run?

Don't say it isn't. Say how it is.

In the post-feminist world.


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  • All I can say is it isn't unprecedented. Bees, wasps, ants, and some species of whiptail lizards are all female societies

    • But mammals are male run, hence the male domination in primitive societies.

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    • Women are not in combat roles. They don't get blown up by bombs. Also, people don't even die in the military because there's no active war going on. I've been through more than you, been hurt worse than you, and am braver than you.

    • Women are in combat roles. They're fighter pilots, rangers, etc. During the Gulf War one woman was shot down and both arms were broken from bailing out. She refused medical treatment till she was released. Today they are on the front line. They're also on surface combatants and on submarines in the Navy and Marines. No you're still a coward posting anonymously