How Many Passwords do you Have on Hand?

I have at least eight, and every time I find something I need to log into that I haven't in a while... each password gets cycled through three times each (in case of misspellings).

That is a lot of password tries. The amount of times I get locked out of my own accounts -_-

My school has forced me to add a new one to the list just so I could get the internet again (after THEY screwed up and disconnected me by mistake) simply because not only do they want a capital letter, I can supply that, not only do they want a number as well, I've got that too.

PUNCTUATION. They want punctuation in the passwords now!

What the fuck! If I want an unsafe password let me have one! Do not force me to chuck my number of passwords up any higher you bastards.

How many passwords do YOU have? (don't tell them to me. That is not my question.)

(plus you shouldn't hand out your password to anyone anyway)

(Did I mention I still can't get internet anyway? Connection is not private enough. Not even for google. I preffered having no internet, now it's just a fucking tease)


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  • I have 4 common ones, but I also have 3 more that are exclusive to one account each.

  • I have a text file on my desktop that has all my passwords I use.


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