Girl got me sick on purpose?

I am 26 weeks pregnant and this coworker had to have got me sick on purpose. She knows im pregnant she was messing with my other coworker and fake coughing in front of me letting her open mouth germs try and attack me. Thats not what got me sick though i seen her across the room breathing on her hands then she came up and touched my cart. I forgot she was sick she was looking better. Now I can't stop sneezing and i feel horrible.


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  • Well take some medicine for the flu before it get worst

    • I dont have another doctors appointment till the 20. there's a lot of medicine i can't take because it will harm the baby. I dont wanna take the wrong thing. I just dont understand why she would do this to me. Like i litterly seen her breathe on her hands and (In my head at the time I was like wtf lol) then she came over to me tried to get me to hold what she was holding didn't, she then played with my cart and got me sick

    • True.. She's a very wicked person, i hope you feel better soon

    • Thank you

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  • You got to be extra careful (especially when you're pregnant). Make sure you have some anti batercial hand sanitiser with you. Use a tissue to wipe down your cart next time. May sound weird and OCD like BUT a healthy mum makes a healthy baby.

  • It's just a cold. I'm sure you'll live.

    • Thats not what she had. She said she had some type of plegde. She just got back from vacation visting a different state.

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    • Your ridiculous its my baby where talking about.

    • I'm honestly more worried about your inability to use the correct we're and you're than your cold.