Being a Day Trader, Real or Scam?

I came across this

normally I don't acknowledge any of these things for anything other than a scam but i read a bit and found conflicting reports. Some claim you can make a lot of money and in a natural way, you're just taking advantage of market trends by buying and selling stocks which are in a sense predictable.

But do you know anyone that has had success doing it?

they say you need 2 things.
1. open a trading account
2. candlesticks charts (so you wait for the red bars to know when the best moment is to begin trading)

Updates: like this usually show live charts, so you use that to predict when to put in


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  • well, I would say it is scam but you should be top one if you wan but you will not believe anyone so
    every one dont know the true. But they go into it for the same reason. So there is a logic
    then you do what you think. Like fund's way or short term way or long term way. So there are many thoughs you should think by yourself.

  • No matter how you do, the bookie always gets paid. The more transactions you make, the more the bookie makes. Pretty simple.

  • Those "conflicting reports" get money for each account sign-up they generate, so they will tell you anything so you go there.
    Yes, have seen them and this time they surely also want to scam you. First rule with this: On average you always loose money because of commission fees. You might win more often, but you fail harder. All they want are your commission fees and they get it risk free. Even gambling at roullette would be better than this.
    Of course there are success stories. You have also success stories from people playing lotterie. Or they are just fabricated.