Have you ever quit your job to travel?

Ok so I'm a member of couch surfing and one of the topics was "Quit your job and travel!!" I know this sounds a bit unrealistic and all but I've read articles that say you can stay at someone's house and teach them your native language or do chores for them in return. I have never surfed but I get a lot of requests from people. My question is have you ever quit your job to travel and got temporary side jobs along your journey to fund your trips?


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  • That's very hard to do, although I'm sure deep down some of us would want to. You meant to like travel around the world or something for a very long time or long term? Travel costs money to begin with so unless you already have a substantial amount of money and financial assets it becomes difficult. You need many good real life skills that can be used to work various jobs if you were traveling all over the world as you'll need an income for all your traveling expenses, unless you are able to make a consistent steady and stable amount of passive income or something.

    You should consider being a minimalist and learn to live with fewer or very few possessions since you can't always take so many belongings with you.

    Try reading Tim Ferris's "The 4 Hour Work Week".

    • What skills do you think would be best? Physical skills or computer skills ie: working on or with a computer all day

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    • People skills can lead to skills in sales skills and confidence, you aren't simply selling a product or service for someone or something, you become that very product and service that you are selling, offering your knowledge and skills to provide service and assistance to someone, and in exchange for your time and services they'll help you in return. Always be willing to compromise and negotiate, and then you can and will close the deal. They may recommend you and your services to other people that they know that could use or need your help for whatever problem (s) that they may be experiencing. And then the possibilities and opportunities just become endless.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • No but it's not something I would interested in. I know many who do so it.


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  • Sort of. I quit my job to dedicate myself to a cross-country move.

    • Were you able to find side jobs? Or how did that work for you?

    • I moved, but my old company wanted me back, so, after a few months, I went back. That was almost 5 years ago. So, I live far away, but I work where I used to work.

  • No I just tell them and go

  • Never did any this would be a big risk to take

    • That's what I thought ti
      Oo but it seems fun 😀

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    • That's what I'm worried about

    • Yeah i would like to meet woman from another country
      or different race or ethnics background but got lot to consider
      sometimes after they move to America they can get their green
      card and kiss me good bye or I could travel to meet them and
      life could be a complete nightmare really hard to pinpoint
      I recently moved from a deteriorating house to better housing
      just me and cousin but it seems with her daughter staying here
      we have no life and i often ask myself why don't I just get public
      housing for myself but I would have less to no money It sucks
      cause I have no bedroom cause the 40 year cousin she uses it
      with her small baby and my other cousin uses the other bedroom
      I have more money but life sucks for family do this to plus they
      have cats here that are forbidden.

  • Well sorta. I got laid off after a seasonal job at the end of the holidays, then I went traveling. I'd do it again but I need to save money

  • Nope! My job included travel 😎🏈


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