I was walking to my car to go home from work and this guy came to me and wanted me to drive him home at night?

i dont like giving rides to strangers and its a waste of time and gas


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  • Watch out, he maybe some really crazy stalker or something. I'd be more careful about my surroundings and make sure there isn't anyone I don't know get too close to me and my car if you get what I mean? You don't know what his intentions are, as he may try to rob or carjack you. I'd contact security at the workplace right away about this suspicious person and the whole incident if it had occured on property or very near the workplace and report him.

    • well i dont like giving rides to people

    • I would not give rides to anyone I don't know well enough personally either. And even then, they are responsible for their own transportation to and from work and should not solely rely on someone else should they run into transportation problems.

    • i got in my car and i saw him through my rear window coming towards the car and he just came up and got in

  • Not a good thing to do unless you know him

    • i know him at work but i dont really know him that much

    • Apologize to him at work and explain that you don't feel safe as a woman giving men rides. Perhaps it will open up the opportunity to get to know him better and next time you won't have to wonder how far he had to walk to get home lol or you could make a deal for gas money ;) 10.00 if he is on your route each day one way 15.00-20.00 if he is off your route or 50.00 a week or something (one way back home after). Everyone that drives can use more gas money