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  • So you can't write your own stuff gotta copy that link. Very original.

    • try actually answering the question at hand, asshole

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    • Okay. I'm gonna go cry in a corner now. Get a life.

    • you do that, ya emo

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  • Ironically enough, this uproar is going to make men want to date feminists even less. Talking about having your cake and eating it too.

    I was reading an article and in it this woman is talking about how she mentioned to this guy that she is fully aware of her rights so he better not try anything funny because she'll report him for rape, and this woman actually believed that this man did not have the right to reject her.

    I wasn't aware that feminists even wanted to date guys who weren't feminist. Seems to me like they enjoy dating doormats who will worship them.

    If a woman is a feminist because she has a problem with the way women are treated in third world countries but she understands what a joke is and won't constantly nitpick what I'm saying, I could date her.

    If a woman is a feminist who believes everything is the fault of men, no, I'm not about to date her.

    Less to do with them being feminists and more to do with their toxic personalities. I don't want to be in a relationship where I face abuse but can't defend myself because if I lay so much as a finger on her she'll claim rape.

    So I guess overall, I'd definitely choose to date a woman who isn't a feminist and her being a feminist could be a deal breaker depending on what sort of feminist she is.

    Men can date whoever they want to date. Women can date whoever they want to date. I can choose not to date somebody for any reason. I can choose not to date a woman who wears bright yellow hats. Stupid and petty, yes, but I can still make that decision. I can choose not to date a woman that wears jeans. I can choose to only date women that weigh 120 pounds exactly. All silly, petty shit which would be utterly ridiculous and stupid, but not illegal.

    I think feminists aren't used to being told "no." So when a guy tells them no they flip out because it's a blow to their massive ego. Entitled much?