If you can domesticate ANY animal, what would it be?

I know this sounds weird but I would want a skunk as a pet 😂 I mean yeah they pee on you but you can fix that with surgery or something but I imagine that's expensive lol also have you seen those thing? 😍 look at they're adorableness!

If you can domesticate ANY animal, what would it be!?

Or a penguin too! 😍


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  • You're so funny XD

    I would love a penguin for a pet! But why not have a bat or something? As long as it doesn't have a disease and it's domesticated then you should be fine. People wold be freaked out by it. XD

    Buuut maybe I would choose a white tiger instead <3


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  • Domesticate an ostrich. And I mean domesticate in the way that he obeys me and only me


    Who tf messes with the guy on the ostrich?

    • Dude that would be awesome. Have a ostrich as your bad ass body guard! 😎

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