Is it weird that my Boyfriend texts his cousin verrrry often (read description before answering)?

So my boyfriend of 3 years and I live together. He's close with his cousin Amanda. She's his age which is 22. He tells me they are best friends which I admire that. But... For the past week she's been blowing up his phone so he's always on it texting her. She'll send him pictures of her new hair cut and stuff like that. When I went with him to his sisters Wedding Amanda was there and he basically ditched me to hang out with her but then again she lives out of state so I shrugged it off. I caught him talking about me to her last night... Don't know if it was good. See the reason I live with him is because I was getting abused physically by my brother. So I couldn't do it. He mentioned that to his cousin which was personal. He's always going to her for EVERYTHING. which is great but... I'm here too... I don't know is it weird?

By the way I'm not jealous, insecure, or anything. I haven't even mentioned this to him.


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  • Cause you maybe your situation is causing him to be stressed and he is going to his best female friend to try and get tips to help you be more you. And look out for you. I mean trying to decrease their conversations is only going to have bad back fire.

    • I just wish he would talk to me about it instead of telling other people my business. He's just always on that damn phone and will hardly give me attention.

    • If its his closest cousin she isn't going to tell others. I am willing to bet my savings he was just trying to get ideas on how to comfort you and deal with the stress of trying to take care of you and make sure you are happy. If I were you I'd try to also befriend her and use her as a middle person if your boyfriend ever goes into a introvert mode.

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  • I would be concerned about that too. He shouldn't have mentioned to his cousin your own personal problems. He crossed a line in my opinion.


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  • Dont worry he isn't fucking his cousin... He isn't the kingslayer and she isn't cersie.. :-D

  • Don't worry
    They're just bestie

    • I know I'm just worried he won't come to me for anything anymore.

    • Then you should talk to him about it and tell him what you feel about it

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