Seriously what in the fuck is wrong with Hillary?

Listen, I have never seen such an unhealthy, coughing ass, inept, thinking it's still the mid 90's, retarded, lying, pantsuit wearing, corrupt, evil, bigoted, piece of shit in my entire existence!
Oh yeah, i have a couple of videos to share as well teehee

And then..

And finally:

Lol this was right after the 4 minute cough..


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  • Her emails have shown she is a lier and snake in the grass. Soros emails show she funded Al Qaueda. The emails coming out soon is supposed the most incriminating yet people still like her. Its insane.

    " your not entitled to your own facts" lol Hmm, isn't the democratic party denying biology to push peoples own facts down the majorities throats?

    • She's also deep into Saudi Arabia's pocket.. I can't wait for Assange's next round of leaks :)

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  • She's crazy and from hell. We need someone else. We need better. #MAGA

    • Lol she is not even worthy of hell's standards.. What's your # all about there?

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    • It honestly doesn't matter who wins. Clinton is a career suck-up to the powers that be, and Trump will be forced by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers to do what they tell him, or else be assassinated like JFK.

    • Few and far between on here.. haha I'm a bit surprised that your not already following me lol

  • She's ill

  • I dont live in the States but I dont care who wins the election as long as its not Trump. I still think its a joke that he's even running.

    • Why did you bother replying? by the way good luck up there with Trudeau..

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    • Well, tbh, he is a sexist asshole. I do watch the news. You appear to be sexist too. I dont like Hilary Clinton. You know, I dont really agree with everything she says either, but at least she's been in some form a politics. Not just some half-ass celebrity who has lots of money and can say "you're fired!". Let's build a wall and if a woman says something i dont like "she must me having her monthly!". Yeah, some leader. If you didn't want to hear other opinions, you shouldn't have posted this. I'll let you continue to be butt-hurt.

    • Once again.. Failure to actually research a person.. Did you know that Trump hired a woman to oversee the building of Trump Tower?

  • Lol yea but hey this élection has some pretty crazy candidats running 😋

    • Yeah, Hillary and Jill Stein are off their rockers lol. Johnson is just an idiot sadly making a mockery of a soon to become relevant Libertarian party I predict 3 election cycles..

    • Hey dont forget trump the man is good for business but a lose canon for present 😋

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  • I don't care what happens once Donald Trump loses.,800x800,075,f.jpg

    • Don't be so sure.. This election is going to come down to independent voters.

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    • The shareholders of the Fed are private banks, but keep ignoring everything I'm saying to back up my claim.

    • @TheWaterBear But.. You haven't.. You use quotes and far-fetched comparisons. I'm not ignoring your claims, I'm challenging them! There is no connection that you have shown between 1933 and now.

  • ... yeah but it's her or Trump xD

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