How can I learn English?

Hello there ! English is not my mother tongue , I hope I'm currently using to understand correct translation. Do you think how can I improve my English? How can I learn?


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  • Watch TV shows, movies with your language subtitles below. That's how my mom, dad starting learning. You eventually need to have conversations native English speakers though.

    • Everything is written in the Turkish language as read. But writing in English in different places. I guess I do not know them, I find it difficult to

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  • Do as @matheus_mb and @AynonOMouse suggested. I also recommend to chat with strangers, find opportunities to talk and write in English. - That way you might be able to communicate efficiently.

    If you want to understand why and how it is said particular ways, you have to study with textbooks - traditionally.

    • In the last resort the book. Thank you for your advice

    • I understand that... The guys gave you pretty good advice, try to do as often as possible... And you really shouldn´t take a big bite... small steps, something easy at the beginning :-)

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  • Practicing is the best way. English ain't my native language either. I learned a lot by practing and by watching TV shows and films. It really helps. Oh, don't be afraid of making mistakes when speaking and writing, learn from them instead.

    • 3 years , English series and watch TV programs. I learned a few words of course not. I do not know what to do , but I have great difficulty in establishing this language very complicated sentences.

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    • yep but the world most used is Canadian

    • The learning process may take years, watching the things I said is helpful but it's not enough. It's advisable to try to understand the way grammar works and then you try to make more difficult sentences. And always remember: don't be afraid of making mistakes, they will show what you shouldn't do.

  • Buy a physical copy of a book and the audio book version and follow along as it is read. That is the most effective way that I know of. You will hear how the words are pronounced and see how they are spelled. Plus you can enjoy the story, so you are more likely to follow through with it instead of just studying the boring way.

    • This is done in school. But I do not understand English as it appeared without translation. I desperately short time

    • You should know the story of the book well too, otherwise you might end up understanding nothing. The same with any films or TV shows as suggested by @matheus_mb... I recommend fairy tales and other well-known stories - Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Sherlock Holmes,...

  • start talking to people online, watch some movies with subtitles in English, go through some youtube video lectures etc.

  • Try toefl
    I can help you in that


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