I feel like i'm continued to be sexually harassed by the same neighbor I try to avoid.. what should I do?

I've told my mom about this but she intended on reporting to the office and I didn't know what good it did..

Two black guys were following me as I walked my dog. I didn't pay attention to them until they approached to me asking me questions. "You live around here?" "What grade are you in?" "Are you in high school?" When I said I was, just only in high school they said "oh" In disappointment mentioning that their freshman. Of course I look younger than I should because i'm 5'2. But that is not the issue here.. They were also asking for my name and I had to say " I had to go" because why would they want my name if their not gonna speak to me again? or I won't see them again?

The issue begun where I was walking away from them after the conversation. That same black man that was making me insecure and a reason to come out of my house was around. I sometimes have this feeling that he's gonna end up sexually assaulting me the way he's been approaching me behind my back.. I was walking with my dog towards my house slowly. it was a beautiful day outside and I needed to clear my head of feeling rejected about a guy I like.. Where I was walking was a no outlet street. The man's car sneaked up behind me kinda speeding and I was cautious that something was wrong and turned around and I saw that man's body shifted forward as he slammed on the brake. He had that big smile on his face as if he was laughing so hard and put his car on reverse and went backwards rapidly exiting the complex. I went to the side of my house where there was a lot of tall trees and no one could see me. I gave myself a few seconds to breath. I wanted to just slide my back against the wall and bawl my eyes out of how terrified I was. How I no longer feel safe that it's difficult at most to walk out of my house hoping that nothing bad is gonna happen.. I just leaned against the wall looking at the blue sky getting myself together..


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