Should I Leave a Letter or Just Carry on as Usual?

I'm going to be home late tomorrow as I have a doctors appointment, and hopefully my grandparents will get home first.

I missed class again this morning, and my teacher sent an email which sparked not only my grandparents but even my MUM who typically doesn't say anything about school into telling me -again- that I need to pick up my game -again-.
Honestly I'm sick of it.

I have tried so hard this year, so fucking hard only to be told time and time agin that I'm not trying at all.
I can't do it. I can't deal with it.
I can't control my emotions, I can't stop the tears, and my jaw is currently really fucking sore from clenching me teeth in an effort not to sob out loud. (Successful effort by the way. I can't stop the tears but I can sure as heck stop that god awful sob, got lots of practice doing that)

I've written a letter. It isn't addressed to anyone and it isn't signed, but I mean for it to go to my Poppy and he'll know it's from me (I mean his wife isn't going to leave him a note on the table that's four pages long)

I need to know if I should give it to him or not.

I can't word my thoughts in any way other than on paper, and it's not angry. I'm not angry at him. Just frustrated.

I've detailed why I do some of the things I do, why I miss clases some mornings, why I behave the way I do at times. I've put in there details of my life that still affect me that I don't think he knows, and asked that he lays off just a little.

I'm grateful for everything he's done, and I have let him know in the letter, but, I just need him to cool off a bit.

Should I leave it for him? Or just let things carry on as they are?

Because I can't see myself speaking up at all, but I can see thoughts of ending it coming into play.
I've already fought them off once this year, I don't want to battle that again, just because my grandparents have overestimated my capabilities.


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  • I assume your in High school. I suggest you give them that letter and than take a long walk. Afterwards take a deep breath. My parents never pay too much attention to my grades but when they did i had failing grades. I too couldn't take it but I was with the mentally meh... as long as I pass I don't care. lol So I pass my classes barely and now I am in college doing much better. You have to tell them you can only push yourself so much until you need to rest.

  • Leave a letter to let your loved ones know. It will pain hem to see you gone with no notice.