Rate my artwork once again?

Rate my artwork once again?


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  • Keep working on your drawing/sketching. I'm no pro but I don't think you're ready for color. The reason is because I think you have a long way to go and when you color in a bad drawing it makes it look better and it gives you a false feeling of accomplishment.

    The best one here by far is the colorless one. Keep doing those and work on shading like the one on the top but forget the colors for now.

    I think you need to work on getting your shapes more accurate and proportioned correctly. Personally, I think you should start drawing pictures of real people or at lease pictures of people in your head. I think you should be studying the human body. It seems to be an incredibly hard thing to draw, maybe because there are many details, many because we're so used to seeing humans we can easily pick up on anomaly's.

    I would be willing to bet if you can draw that, you wouldn't be far from being able to draw about anything.


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