Have all University going guys done it at some point?

It's hard for me to imagine that they have, but at the same time I know they're not virgins.

All these business type of guys, who don't have girlfriends, don't flirt around much, some of them still get shy around women.

I've always wondered. And if they have, with whom? It can't be from University girls from my program?


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  • No logically there has to be some guys going to university who would still be virgins.

  • i´d guess if they have, they have with younger and lower educated girls xD cause it´s way easier.

    • That's really sad. Lots of their girlfriends are lower educated it makes me wonder if that's why they're with them?

      I hate how people think it's okay to abuse lower educated people. What a nightmare for those girls.

      My guess is that whatever 'fun' they've had they've done either prior to coming to University or more in their first/second year when they're still young.

      Jump to 3rd/4th year they might even think it's weird to have sex with someone who they don't necessarily respect, almost like they're lowering their own value.

      I don't know lol I'm not a guy

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    • xD yeah obviously. don´t tell me. tell all those girls in abusive relationships ! good thing you are more clever than that.

    • oh but i didn´t want to say that there are no male virgins at uni at all xD there definitely are.

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