Is it embarrassing to go back to University once you are done school?

I already got my degree. However I am not exactly satisfied.

The real reason is because while I did well in the qualitative stuff, I barely passed some of my quant. courses. I was not a shit student, but I became one after I took two years off.

It does bother me. So much. I think I almost 'need' to go back because I know if I don't get my quant. skills back to the game, I'm never going to in my entire life.

Most people don't support my decision and think I'm being a child.


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  • Nothing wrong with auditing some classes.

    • What do you mean by auditing?

    • Sign up to sit in on the class. You don't get credits and you don't have to turn in homework. You just get the knowledge.

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  • Nope. Go for it. You're never too old to go back. Don't let anyone tell you differently


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  • If you want to study then you go and study. Don't take shit from anyone. It's your life. Make it amazing, study hard.

  • i failed this year :p
    but i will be back :)


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