How would you deal with these snakes if you worked with them?

guy got me a job. It's a good job, the best paid job I've ever had, but it's quite "cut throat". Everybody seems to lie to each other, snitch on each other, and try to fuck each other over while acting like they're best friends.

This guy who got me the job seems to be acting the same way toward me. He acts like my best friend, as if he's looking after me, covering for me if anything goes wrong, claims to have saved me from being replaced by someone else for no reason. I had an inkling that he might back stab me though because he does nothing but bitch behind people's backs but is too pussy to say anything to them so I knew if he had a problem with me he'd say nothing.

Turns out I was right to suspect him. Apparently he's been shit talking to me to the boss, claiming that I barely do anything, which is a lie. He's a lazy fuck, I do most of the work.

So now I just want to break his jaw. But obviously that isn't a wise move. Apart from the obvious which is looking for a new job which I am doing but am struggling to find one that pays anywhere near as well as this one, how would you deal with these bitches?


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  • Is it possible to speak to your boss and tell your side of the story and even what you are witnessing in the work environment? What about asking your boss to work another schedule away from some of those coworkers, or at least place you into a space or area where people will least likely approach you?


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  • He's not your boss/supervisor?

    How did you find out about him talking to the boss? Did he come up to you. I don't know what kind of job you have... but most jobs you can easily show what you did. It would be easy to prove that he was lying.

    You should tape him talking about others and play it for them. It would alienate him and make work miserable for him. Could also beat him at his game and let the boss know when he's not doing his job.

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