Americans , does this video sum up Soccer for you?

Are these the common stereotypes? Lol

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  • I'm not American and I have to say that the part about rioting is probably true. However, the part about soccer being boring is definitely NOT true. I've lived in the US and attended American football, ice hockey and baseball matches and none of them were remotely as thrilling as a good soccer match. Especially American football and baseball both have tons of small breaks that really got on my nerves after a while. Just when you think that the game has started to "flow" a bit, there's another break. It's like table tennis between two beginner players where the ball falls on the ground every 20 seconds. Soccer flows much more, which I think is cool.
    And while I don't know much about American sports, I would claim that soccer is also more interesting in terms of strategic playing. Modern international soccer is almost like chess on a big lawn. I don't have the impression that's the case for American football for example.

    • Which football games have you been to?

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    • @Other_Tommy_Wiseau Well, that definitely makes me feel better because lots of American friends tried to explain American football to me when I lived in the US and even after the 100th explanation or so, I still didn't really get it and felt very stupid ;-).

      And that's something I like about soccer: I'm not a passionate soccer fan but even I understand that sport. It's very straight forward: two goals, no punching and kicking your opponents' body parts please... and that's it. There's the offsite rule and I didn't know it when I started watching soccer but most people get it after watching a couple of games.

    • It's definitely a sport where you need to watch to understand. There's way too much information to understand. But once you get the basics, it's pretty easy to follow. A lot of the technical stuff aren't really necessary for the average shmuck

      But that's the beauty of it to me. Europeans think that soccer is chess and strategy. I love chess. AF is chess. I like stuff like pistol 35 jet 237 x shallow. Then the offense seeing the offense audible pre snap into a shotgun draw cause the defense is in 33 odds left and nickel in 3rds. Every time you stop, you reset to call a play just like that... Set plays. Unlike soccer, which is mostly improv, which gets stupid frustrating cause all teams do is have 2 forwards and like 50 defenders. Nothing happens if you turn the ball over and the odds of scoring is nearly impossible. You only get 12 possessions per game. If you turn the ball over, it actually hurts you... And despirtation AF in the last 2 minutes is the most exciting thing in sport

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  • If soccer is boring then how would you describe American football which has 5 seconds of movement per minute "played"?

    Basketball and ice hockey are exciting (but not more than soccer), but American football is incredibly dull, baseball is dull too but at least has a calm, gentlemanly atmosphere to it.

    • The action in American football makes up for those stopages. But in soccer it's just pass, hold, dive, hold, hold.

    • Because every play actually matters. A turnover actually matters, where, if you lose possession, you're bound to get it back in soccer consequence free. I like the sport, but I laugh every time a fan is restless over a turnover or pressure cause the actual chance of the other team scoring is >1%... It's like freaking out worrying about getting struck by lightning. Position of the field matters. It's a down and distance game. You can't just launch it down to the opponent's end of the field like goalies do... I mean you have punts, but that's more or less when you have to get rid of it. Almost no ability to tie. Actually makes for good competition instead of both teams mailing it in after 70' cause they don't want to risk losing. The strategy. Sounds cliche, but calling pro I 24 double post xz Te slip and having to audible to slide protection pre snap in an 8 man box in cover 2

      Then There's this

      But I'll give you baseball. It's fucking boring

  • I'm not USAian lolz and I agree, that sums it up jejeje

    • Where are you from lol

    • But I agree it doeslol

  • Nope.

  • pretty accurate. soccer is boring as hell.

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