I hardly love anyone, keep lying and stealing but is it weird not to feel bad?

I hardly love anyone (not even my 1st boyfriend that took my v-card) and sometimes continue lying to family members and some friends. Well I might like someone's company and he/she is fun to be around with but not love them.

As for the lies, I mainly do it for the thrill of lying and elaborate new ones. Something else I find myself doing at times if I get extremely bored is take a couple small things from a store or someone's house when I'm invited.

The strange part is I don't really feel bad about it. This is coming from someone that just graduated from HS this year with a 3.65 unweighted GPA (weighted is 5.03).


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  • You have sociopathic tendencies, seek professional help. And your GPA means literally nothing relevant.

  • This is called sociopathy well done


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