Antonio brown for malcom floyd and le'veon bell?

i'm trading Antonio Brown and I have mike evens, Jordy Nelson, Jordan Mathews and Golden Tate at WR on my team. also my running backs are Jeremy hill, chris ivory and Eddie Lacey.

should I do it?


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  • Wow, those are some great players that you're trading away. Antonio Brown is the best WR in the NFL and he has a shot at becoming the first 2,000 yard receiver in NFL history.

    Golden Tate will have a good year with Stafford and the same can be said for Mike Evans and Jameis Winston (I'm biased because I'm a Bucs fan)

    • It's a tough call. Le'veon Bell is the best RB in the league but the suspension will hurt him. Don't take my word for it though because I don't play fantasy football.

    • The only one I'm getting rid of is Antonio Brown the rest on keeping except Jordan Mathews I traded him and Eddie Lacey for tom Brady.

    • Oh, ok, I didn't read your description well enough.

      Brown for Bell & Floyd seems like a fair trade but Brown is poised to have a record-breaking year. It could go either way to be honest.

  • Is it a ppr league? In general whoever gets the best player wins the deal

    • it's a standard league

    • Well if you think you can make the playoff regardless than go for it because when those guys come back they'll be damn good. Plus you're not balanced enough. I always go for QB-WR but your RB are weak.