Should I register for this investment banking type thing knowing it'll be all guys?

It's super expensive. Almost one and a half grand.

I wanted to learn but I am NOT good at financial-oriented software. I'm rich (ish) so I guess the price isn't that big of a deal but i feel guilty spending so much money.

Plus it'll be all boys/men. I'm a little nervous at being 'that girl' who doesn't know what she's doing.


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  • Maybe go talk to someone that runs the course and see if you have enough basic knowledge to be able to actually gain anything from the course.

    • This is a pretty good idea. I emailed them hopefully I'll hear back

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    • I don't more like I just want to find out more about modelling etc. I know for some of the other careers too like I don't know.. consulting, it looks good to have on there.

    • You are right and it shows initiative. Parents would be happy I think.

  • Well, you will learn from this!
    Is this a financial technologies course? this is where the money is at now, and its an excellent way of opening new opportunities

    Take it! why feel ashamed of not knowing? You will learn!


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  • What do you know about it so far?
    What are you hoping to gain from this?

    • Just wanted to learn. I'm a little intimidated of boys though. They always act as though they know everything.

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    • by the way... in terms of boys...
      in a circle business circle... the boys... have there boys exclusive club for investment and stuff that women will never be able to get into their world.

      "They always act as though they know everything. "
      yes, they are extremely competitive... status, power, wealth.. the elite club

    • The interesting part is that they don't even leave women out of their little games.

      You would think they'd be competitive with each other and be a little nicer to the women but nope.

      And these are the guys that women actually like, it's a total shame