How do I go by driving a insured car home?

So i in decided to buy a car before i take my road test next month. so my girlfriend who of age and who is a insured driver will be driving the car home for me. But i dont wanna get her in trouble for driving a insured car. What should we do? Am thinking we should get temp plates n temporary day registration. Buy what about insurance? she will be driving the car not me so not point in me getting insurd right? only drivimg it home n parking it then done.


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  • If she has insurance she's covered to drive it.
    You can get insurance coverage for the car before you buy it - it's called a binder.

    This is a question for your insurance agent - not the dumbshits on a internet forum. :)

    • Thank you for not pointing out my typle o.. am in a rush to work so didn't notice it till now. My girlfriend does have full car insurance. We are buying the car from a 3rd party and don't wanma get insurance for it till i pass my road test. Would do u recommend we do? I would call my dmv but everything is closed till tm. The car will be in my name but she will be the one driving it not me.

    • If she has full coverage insurance she's covered to drive any car.

    • Thank you gonna get my own and add her as the 2rd driver

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  • I assume you mean uninsured?

    • Yes typle o sorry still not use too my lg2

  • Dude what are you asking? I think you're using "insured" incorrectly.

    • Uninsured sorry didn't notice the typle o

    • No worries man.

      It really depends on where in the world you're located and if it's a new or used car. If she has a really great insurance company she might be ok to drive.

    • NYC and she does but am juat gonna get my own and put her as the 2rd driver.

  • Uninsured?

    • Yes didn't notice tbe typle o was rushing work soon

  • Only thing you can do legally besides getting it insured and registered is to have it towed

    • I plan on getting it registered but am asking how can i drive it too get it registered? my girlfriend has full car insurance and she will be the kne driving it not me

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    • Yea i decided to just get the car insured and put my girlfriend as the 2rd driver.

    • Yeah the insurance deposit is probably the same it would have cost you to have it transported which would have been a waste of money since now you have some time on it to use it but that was only safe thing to thing to do

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