Have you ever felt that no one really respects you?

I mean I used to be a good student. I stopped after some time barely passing my courses. I regained myself to AN extent, but not to my full capability.

I'd hide my feelings a lot of the time. I didn't want people thinking well she's dumb she should accept it, why is she getting frustrated for no reason.

I wasn't dumb. Studying's just really hard when you've been outside of school for 2 years.

I feel as though people don't respect me. They just think I'm whatever. Like I have no standards or am not of their calibre.


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  • ya a lot

    • Why do you feel that way (that people don't)

      for me I think it's because I don't study as much as people expect me to

    • i'm just feeling that way

  • Yes, I have indeed.

    • How so

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    • same **

    • just have little fun with yoo family and fuck fake friends. Family will stay with you not friends

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