Why do some people say that they believe in micro-evolution but not macro-evolution even though both have been observed?


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  • Humans have a little over 200 genes you can't find in any other living being on the planet. Plus over 90% is junk DNA. This suggests Genetic tampering, or as has been said through history interbreeding with non terrestrial entities, or panspermia. Likely a fair amount of all three. Evolution does happen, that doesn't mean it all had to take place on this planet.
    The Waterbear for example has all the evolutionary characteristics of something that evolved in deep space

    • Actually that doesn't suggest genetic tampering and the phylogeny of water bears is well understood; they did not evolve in deep space.

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    • I won't argue with you. You are one who seems to obviously accept the totality of mainstream science where is I don't. As far as the waterbear I have seen a evolutionary biologist say that there is no environment on this planet that would cause the waterbear to evolve the characteristics it has.

    • Who said that?

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