What are the non verbal sign that someone is attracted to you, but not interested for relationship?

I've been being confused by engaged girls through their behaviors. For example, in a group discussion a girl she was looking at me all the time. Even when I say something terrible she just laughs out. Also many times she used to stare at me. But she's in long term relationship.

Another girl in my workplace every time she passes me she stares at me. As I know she has boyfriend in my workplace, I try to avoid her. But still she tries to look at me shyly and start conversation.

One of my colleagues wife, she just stares at me every time. Even turns her head to have a peek at me. I can state lots of other incident. I'm sure none of them is interested in me for relationship, because they are long term relationship. But looking at their eyes/face, its really understandable they are at least attracted to me.



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  • They start to back off once you reciprocate interest, I assume.

    • No, I dont have any interest to them. by the way why did you assume that?

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    • Just ignore them then.

    • Ya doing that. But out of curiosity, why did you assume they are just seeking interest?

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  • Play hard to get or show lack of interest in return.

    • I've no interest to them, as I already mentioned they are engaged.