Is anyone else tired of Apple's garbage yet?

I'm so sick and tired of Apple. They always try to rip people off. They always try to come across as the "innovator," but honestly, what have they done in the past 5 years that was so innovative? Each year, they're like "ugh. alright. time for us to make a new phone again," and they change the tiniest thing on their phone, and then slap on the word innovation on top of it to jack up the price. iPhone isn't even American; they manufacture their phones through legalized slavery in China. They also constantly try to find a way to make their customers buy their overpriced crap, and the saddest thing is, they know it'll work because of all the hype from their mindless sheep customers. I used to love Apple, but I'm so tired of their crap. Does anyone else feel the same way?


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  • As long as those headphones or headsets for the new iPhone aren't entirely proprietary I can still see that people will buy alternatives and get the latest iPhone, otherwise sales may drop or something. Because if they're not flexible enough to allow people to buy "other brand" headphones that aren't overpriced and is compatible with iPhone 7, then their customers will more than likely reconsider making any purchases of their new smartphone.

    The only thing that Apple can do that will absolutely have my attention is if they consider updating a new line of MacBook Pro laptops to have up-to-standard GPUs that will support Virtual Reality apps and Hardware such as Oculus Rift.

    I would like them to eventually consider releasing a MacBook Pro with a really good nVidia GPU such as GTX 980 or Above which would be great for those that want to be able to use the latest and newer technologies such as Virtual Reality and even some of the most current games on the market, such as Steam, although most games on Steam are for Windows. BUT Mac is capable of having a Windows operating system installed as a secondary operating system, so I don't really see why they don't just consider it later at some point within the next 5 years or so. And yes, they'll probably still overprice their shit.

    Imagine a new line and editions of Mac Pro laptops released that are Virtual Reality+Gaming Ready, it's probably going to be easily over $3000 at the minimum, possibly even around $4000 at the minimum.

    But until then, I really don't have a real incentive since they don't offer anything that I really feel I need or want atm. It's great for those that work in Web Development and Graphic Design or at least those that major in them in college or something from what I've noticed. But I'm not in any of those majors or fields, so it's not something that would absolutely be suitable for me.

    Even the Apple Watch doesn't really intrigue me all that much as there is no mobile broadband connection support atm.

    Although I have considered getting an iPad Pro, but even that's something final.

    • Totally agree with you. I have a top range MacBook Pro from 2010, i7, the 512MB GT330M GPU. This was a really decent gaming machine and it served me well for four years.

      When I needed a new one with more power, I was shocked at how lousy the specs for the 2015 MBPs were. Over $3000 Canadian for one with a proper GPU (as opposed to Intel onboard crap) and it was a weak, ancient GPU. I paid almost half that price and got a Clevo-based laptop with the then-brand new GT980M and it is superb.

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    • Mac gaming is and always has been a very niche thing. Way back in the day, if you were an Apple gamer, you had an Apple II of some description... the IIGS and IIc were the best choices. They had sound and graphics far in advance of the PCs of the time. The Mac meanwhile was business first, education second, fun third, and the price tag reflected this (as did the monochrome screen).

      I ran whatever OS X versions I could lay my hands on with my MBP but having since moved on to the Windows versions of the same programs, they're generally the same or better! Sorry to say it.

      I got my laptop from Eurocom, who are a Canada-based OEM for Clevo laptops, which meant I got a better price. It's an X5 (the 'old' version, I got it December 2014). I picked it because it was theoretically upgradeable, but I know better with gaming laptops - this isn't my first one, and generally speaking not many new mobile GPUs are likely to be released that will be compatible with your model.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • I never bought into the Apple craze. I'm a practical person and if I can find something that does what I want for less money, i go with that. I know how computers work and have fixed up my Asus notebook with a SD hd and a lot of RAM. Already has a good Ausus motherboard.
    They make it damn near imposible to open up a Macbook.
    Apple just markets to the koolaid drinkers and technologically challenged (aka people who don't want to learn about how their machines work and have a poor attitude about it). Aka people who would pay the price of their liver to send their gadget back to Apple for a repair.
    The only Apple product I bought was a used 8gb iPod nano 8th generation for $80 back in 2008. Portable music player was where their niche was as far as I'm concerned. And as far as I'm concerned they haven't found a new niche.

    • The only Apple product I ever bought were iPod Classics. The only Apple product I really desire is the iPod Touch 6th gen.

      As for phones, I prefer Android phones. The OS is more open and less restrictive (for example you can file share on Android devices). Of course that means more risk and less security, but I can deal with that.

      For desktops and laptops I am a PC guy for the same reason.

      For tablets, I'm a Windows endorser. Gimme a tablet that can do some real work, please. :-P

    • @Prof_Don Android is a Linux distribution. How can you go wrong with that

    • Precisely, my fellow #TeamAndroid member! :-D

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  • Samsung makes their phones (or the components) in China too. Only assembled in South Korea. I work in an office with entirely Apple equipment and it's got a premium price tag but the stuff is all premium quality.

    You're entitled not to like their products, just like their hardened fanbase are entitled to buy a new model every year.

  • Most products sold in America aren't manufactured in the USA.

    Secondly, customers are buying a new phone every year, so it is simply stupid NOT to follow the supply and demand, and make a new phone every year.

    It is a common things in retail products, to incrementally change your products. With a minor tweak and new feature here and there, you can constantly make a new product.

    That is smart business.

    • To me it is rather funny, how a company is making good financial business practices, yet u seem to hate it.

  • The only thing I've ever liked about Apple, is the speed and efficiency of their products. They are simple to use. I hate just about everything else.
    I don't like the look of anything they make, especially their phones. It's same phone every year. Plus, they break easily.

  • I got 1 Apple IPhone from At&t Wireless and I returned it back to them.
    One reason cause Android got my heart and so much easier to use.
    Yes it's sick Apple removed the Headphone jack to make it thinner
    all to make it Water Proof and more money from people so people
    got buy something else in order to listen to music on them or so forth.

  • It's a manufacturer of consumer electronics and not some rogue terrorist state that actually enslaves their people. No one is forcing you to buy their products.

  • I never like the iphones compared to andriod. But I always used to have an ipod to listen to in the car. That is until a coule years ago, my old one broke and I needed another new one. Forget the fact that the new one cost as much as the old ipod touch I jad with less memeory, etc, the audio quality was attcrocious. Ever since Jobs died they have been making the stupidest decisions!

  • doesn't pc do the same? or things like lg, android, etc..

    • No, they don't. That's how clueless you Apple fans are.

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  • Haha yesssssss!!! I couldn't agree with this more :D :D

  • i liked it when steve jobs was alive... after its just a crap