Canon camera lens?

Hi All
I just for a Canon 450D and would like to know which lens to buy which will show images are they are. As both the lenses i have magnify what I'm trying to photograph.
So what is a standard lens that will capture people etc normally

Thank you!


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  • If you want a "prime" lens, I'd say somewhere in the mid to upper 20s is closest to mimicking how we see with the cropped APS sensor on your cammera. If you have a zoom lens, you can just zoom out to about 27. Here's the prime lens that has the closest to our vision or our perspective. It's a little more zoomed in that what we see though.

    • Thank you for this :)
      Could I use an 18-55mm?

    • Yeah if you want it to have a similar viewing perspective to us, you can zoom to about 27 mm :) That's supposedly about the scale we see.

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