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A couple days ago I was talking to my friend about a how we need jobs and we stared to make jokes about all the other crap we need and I jokingly said a boyfriend and she goes "wait I'm confused" and after trying to explain the gag we had been doing she says "no I though that you and Caleb were a thing" so I've had a crush on him for like a flipping year and I never knew he liked me back so I started flipping out.. She said that he's liked me for a solid year and a half and that she remembers having this conversation with him ( either that or it was a dream). I texted one of my really close friends and she said the exact same words " I though you guys were a thing". So I'm really confused what is this thing they speak of? Also is it easier to see people have a crush when your a guy?


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  • Do you spend a lot of time with him, texting him and all that? If so, then you're giving people the impression that you're with that person and since they know you both had crushes on each other, probably assumed you guys had started dating. And as for the second question, I really wouldn't know. That's something that you can ask individuals, not a whole gender. Some guys will be able to tell easily that people have a crush and a lot of others won't be able to tell.


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  • Maybe they know you like him