Question for people who follow the Abrahamic religions, do you believe in the story of the Exodus even though there is no evidence for it?

At the risk of sounding like David Irving's dad, we can't find any evidence for enslaved Jews in Ancient Egypt. There is neither any archaeological evidence or archival evidence from the Egyptians or contemporary sources outside of the Bible/Torah/Quran.

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  • Yes (I'm Muslim)
  • No (I'm Muslim)
  • I don't follow an Abrahamic religion
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  • im jewish, but i take the bible with a grain of salt. the bible condones slavery (which we now know is wrong) BUTTTT is also says honor they father and mother, which is correct. what i have a hard time believing is genesis. how it all began basically


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  • You will not silence me and hypocritically go off on your own tangent then block me to get the last word. The sputtering anger from your last two comments, just before you decided to be a coward and not give me the chance to defend myself, only makes it look like I got under your skin by simply being honest.

    My response to your legitimate tangent was this: “No, that was another instance where you went ahead and assumed you were right and that your guess was factual. My intent was never to start an argument. I don't find anything interesting or engaging about sitting around starting arguments online. My intent was simply to be upfront if you are a certain type of person so that you don't have any expectations from me. You chose to dismiss my point as a tangent but that's not what it was.

    "you weren’t merely fishing for an argument you were hunting for one and now you got it." This is yet another arrogant assumption where you state and decide what was going on in my head despite the fact that you weren't in my head and in contrast to your assumption, I’ve stated several times that internet arguing doesn't interest me. You don’t even know how to use your mouth and expand on this topic without showing how presumptuous you are and brazenly, arrogantly insisting that your opinion is fact and those who disagree are just ‘gullible’. I did not turn this thread into an argument, you made it clear that your true intentions of this thread were to argue by stating that you perceived my general opinion to be an argument.

    ' "I don't find any joy or interest in speaking with people who assume that the whole motivation and goal of the dialogue is to argue and that every thought shared is simply an effort to quarrel.” Except that was your assumption from the get go.’ This weak, nonfactual conclusion is ANOTHER failed attempt at you egotistically pretending to have all the facts and know everything. You know what I think? I think you’re angry because you got called out as an overbearing, demanding egoist and as the conversation went on, you got intellectually backed into a corner that you couldn’t get out of without blocking and silencing me.

    • I didn’t express my views in entirety because you seemed like the type of arrogant, egotistical, narcissistic person who uses showy, unnecessary verbiage where your only true goal is to showcase your knowledge. You are genuinely not the type of person I’d enjoy conversing with which is why you didn’t actually get to know my entire thoughts on the specific topic at hand. So next time you want to blatantly attack, discredit, and vilify an anonymous user then block them to make it look like they had no response, remember that all of GAG can see just who the cowardly individual is doing so. You made yourself look horrible like someone who got upset because someone else called them out on their true intentions and because your entitled demands were not being met/reciprocated. Narcissistic people with ego problems usually can’t stand to not receive applause for all of their efforts.

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    • " You made yourself look horrible like someone who got upset because someone else called them out on their true intentions" And do you have any idea how pathetic you look making another account? Really? Blocking someone who insulted you from the get go (which you did) doesn't make someone a coward, it just means that their life doesn't revolve around G@G and they don't want self-righteous and ad hominem clutter on their message board -_-

    • And that's especially true if they keep repeating the same refuted point.

  • Yes (I'm Muslim).

  • Yes. I think that people who constantly demand evidence for religion simply have ego problems and feel the constant need to prove what they know or what they think they know and show what they know. It's not really about the actual topic, but more about their attempt to stroke their ego. Their goal tends to be more about fluffing their own arrogance and trying to feel like they've outwitted others rather than actually exploring something with humility. Instead of having a normal conversation, they want to turn everything into a debate and a history report where each person takes their free time and spends it doing a lengthy homework assignment that serves no other purpose besides helping some random person with their ego stroke.

    There are many things that archeologists and scientists have not discovered and will never discover mainly due to the fact that "evidence" can be destroyed after thousands of years where natural disasters and manmade disasters have taken place. Archeologists and scientists do not know everything. In fact, some of them devote their lives to their studies and still never find certain answers no matter how far they've traveled or how much they've studied. All of the world's answers are not reachable and some of them will always remain mysteries. It's foolish and slightly arrogant to believe that simple, flawed human beings with no special super power can miraculously gather and collect "evidence" for every true occurrence that happened thousands of years before their own mother even existed.

    • No, people who demand evidence don't have "ego problems" we're just not gullible. I's nothing to do with fulfilling our own arrogance, it's about getting people on the fence to think critically by showing how weak the other side is. It's like the evolution creation debate; there's nothing to explore (with or without humility) when all the evidence supports one conclusion; having two sides doesn't imply symmetry.

      And yes there are many things that have not been discovered and yes much evidence has been destroyed. But the fact of the matter remains that we have archival evidence from that time that details the occurrences of state that transpired during the time from both Egyptian and outside sources ye there is no mention of such an event outside of the bible and the related holy books. So no one is claiming that we know "everything" for example much of the pre-dynastic period of Egyptian history is not understood, later periods are well known.

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    • Your second paragraph was giving your view but the first was starting an argument and going off on a tangent because the question was a historic and not a philosophical one; you weren’t merely fishing for an argument you were hunting for one and now you got it. Being the first to use the word argue and demand doesn’t mean that you initiated the argument or that you yourself are demanding anything. You may assert I have poor communication skills but you clearly have no idea of what context is. so no it doesn’t imply that I was using a simple question as an excuse to argue. I’m very busy with school at the moment so I don’t have time for long debates.

    • And if you didn’t want to argue that’s all you had to say, you didn’t need the first paragraph of your original but all it did was show how presumptuous you are. I too know how to communicate without turning everything into an argument and you may and for all I know you are an expert at it, but you still turned this thread into an argument. You never did express your beliefs in their entirety but you did say that you believe in the story of the exodus and that’s all I claimed to know about your beliefs. “I don't find any joy or interest in speaking with people who assume that the whole motivation and goal of the dialogue is to argue and that every thought shared is simply an effort to quarrel.” Except that was your assumption from the get go.

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  • I don't know and don't care. Its a neat story

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