I got my pre molars extracted! all 4?

so I recently came back from surgery where I had the have all of my pre molars extracted top and bottom which came to a total of 4 teeth being taken out of my mouth. It had to happen because my teeth are overcrowded and their going to give me braces to straighten everything out but I just want to know are pre molars major/ very important teeth to have taken out? have you had yours out? i was already nervous about going but just the thought of having 4 less teeth in my mouth is kind of sad to me because im only 14. also if you were put on laughing gas how did it make you feel because for me I almost snatched the mask off because I was uncomfortable 😂


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  • Removing molars has become a cash grab. An easy $1000 to $1500 just for 4 teeth

    Id you actually dont have slace its better to remove them But dentist tend to always say you dont have space, even if you do!

    These are fresh strong new teeth. I told my denstist to leave them in

    • so basically you mean I had them removed for the money? Aww that's sad they would go to those measures.

    • Its possible yes. They tell people to remove them even when you dont need too

      How much do you trust your dentist

    • wow: ( and I'm new to my dentist but she has been very kind so far and honest like I was supposed to get jaw surgery but she said no and is trying to fix with braces. she also has a lot of success stories with patients.

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  • Ouch that must hurt

    • no not really : ) the numbness just wore off and all I have is a slight headache

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  • Wtf are pretty molars? Like your baby teeth?

    • its the teeth right behind the pointiest teeth in your mouth I think their called canines. i had those took out as well as both teeth at the top that matches them

    • Dang your teeth must of been really fucked up lol. What was pulled tho? Your adult teeth or babu teeth? That's a big gap between your teeth I understand they'll straightend your other ones lol but I don't see how pulling them would solve anything

    • my adult teeth were pulled and it's apparently going to make "space" to straighten everything out. I felt it couldve been straightened without that but I don't know.

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