Am I missing out by not meeting and talking to different people in daily life and while travelling etc?

Sometimes I do and have a great time and learn a lot but at other times, I can't be bothered and then regret it later.

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  • You're not missing out
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  • Yes, you are missing out. There's so much you can learn by talking to different people and by travelling.
    You'll learn more about yourself and the others. Plus, there's so much to see.
    So, I think you should do this as much as you can.


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  • I could say you're missing out by wasting the opportunity to meet fantastic people on your life's journey but reality is just really real. You consciously know who you meet, deciding to open up and connect with whomever you're with is entirely you choice so if you've not yet then you subconsciously do not want to but that doesn't mean you won't.


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