How much alcohol do I bring to a small party?

There's gonna be like 20 peoples going at the moment bu there might be more.



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  • Just bring like a bottle of vodka unless you're hosting it then get a lot of different stuff so you can make drinks

    • This guy is hosting it but he told everyone else to bring their own alcohol lol. I know it's stupid but whatever.

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    • You're welcome have fun

    • Thank you :)

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  • Bring 5 alcohols.

    • Won't everyone just hassle me to get some though?

    • Im not even the host

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  • ifctoure driving get a bottle of whatever you like, go to a gas station and fill the largest cup with whatever you're guna drink with the alcohol, pour some out and fill what you poured out with the alcohol you bought.

    DONT bring in your bottle. Everyone will mooch off of you.

    • I'm not driving, in the Uk we have to be 17 to learn to drive, im only 16. Do you mean just fill a large bottle with alcohol and just keep it to myself?

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    • there are 5 litre bottles but they are just huge

    • Yeah buy 2 tho and keep your bottle in whoevers car you go in. Make another drink if you have to

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  • depends on the drinking habits and what kind of party.
    1 bottle (0.75l) bacardi per 2 drinker is a good assumption if you aren't going to drink too heavy.
    go for a 2 bottles per drinker if you have heavy drinkers and want to coma party

    • (assuming you are the host and nobody else is bringing alcohol)

    • Im not the host, this guy is but he wants everybody to bring their own stuff.

    • bring a bottle
      if you know others talk to one to bring different flavors if you want

  • none you take soft drinks