How is it possible to despise someone and miss them simultaneously? What does it mean?


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  • it means that you care about em. even if you hate em you still want em in your life
    im doing the same thing

    • Then how can we live with them if we hate them? I don't want to hate someone but i can't help it. How can you still live with them?

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    • Thank you man... thanks a lot.

      The first song, i have got the similar feelings that i wanna express to her and the saddest part is that I can't even do that.
      I just wish that i could say all this to her... so it would be less hard to let go.

      Yeah, I shall be unconditional as i have been... i will wish her good, wherever she might be, whether or not she comes back and i shall remember her fondly. Although it would hurt me, with all the reminiscing but I will have to stop despising her coz I don't wanna remember her like that. I wanna remember her the way she was once and that's it...
      Somebody once said, "When you forgive, you love and when you love, God's light shines upon you."

      Thanks a lot man... thanks a lot for the song.

    • no prob man :)
      im mentally hugging you - it will pass, it will get better. i promise.
      be strong

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  • Do you despise how they are acting and treating you? That's usually how it happens for me.

  • May I please talk to you for a min?
    No intentions,


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