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In Supernatural, Sam and Dean make big ass diagonal cuts on their forearms on every other Episode. They've made like a gazillionn episodes now but how come there has never been scars?


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  • They have been cut, stabbed, impaled, shot, burned and injured in every single episode indeed. Why doesn't it show? Because that would lessen views if the show was about two messed up guys getting more messed up.
    That and it would increase production costs.


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  • Ah recovery time on TV - In a car crash one day, a complete mess and scar free walking around by end of the episode - I know what you are talking about.

    • Or car got spun around and Landes on it's roof. The guy is Seen the next day with a tiny cut in his lip and a thumb-sized blue spot in his forehead. What did he just Fall from the monkey bars?

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