What does it take to kill livestocks?

I thought it was easy and about 4 years ago, I was tested. The one simple task started with catching a chicken so my uncle would kill it. I failed it.

Instead, I ended up letting it go. It still got killed moments later and I felt sad for it. Ironically even though I'm not a vegan, I still wouldn't be able to kill a livestock and then eat what I've just killed.

I've always been a tough girl till that moment.


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  • Have to stop yourself from going 'what a cute ____ blahblah'. Just focus on your job, grab it and kill it. I'm sure a lot of people who live in the city, never been hunting or worked/lived on a farm would feel a bit different if they watched it go from living-dead-plucked/gutted/cut up-cooked.


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  • Don't eat for a couple days and I bet you'll kill it. I have no problem killing livestock. Ducks, chickens, cows, pigs... no issue. The only animals I really have an issue killing are like dogs and cars and sometimes rabbits but that's because I've bonded with animals like that before.

    • You make a point. Yeah, I suppose if I was starving badly, stuck on an island or somewhere there is no food but livestocks, then some hunter instinct in me would form.

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    • @posted I didn't even notice lol

    • Killing a bunny is one thing, a poor defenseless hunk of steel? That goes too far.. hahaha

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  • I dont think i could every brin myself to kill an animal unless ma life is in danger altho i LUV meat with PASSION including the meat in ma panties 👙😉

  • Its just something you get used to. Its easier for some people than others

  • speed, cunning, guts and heart.

    • Till that very moment, I really thought I had the guts. I know my older brother would kill it (and have done it before) without any hesitation and unlike me, he passed the test my uncle gave him. He learned quickly.

      Well I have the speed but I don't have the heart to do it.

    • well it takes a black heart actually. so you're a good person at least.

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