Friend or not to friend, that is the question?

So, I just discovered this week that the dude at the store that I was drawn to, would stare at (who also stared at me) and who I left a note for at the store (fours years ago), knows one of my younger cousins. I guess they were friends after high school, so she was my link to him the whole time and I never knew it.

He does have a girlfriend now, also something I discovered. The question is should I friend him on Facebook for the hell of it or not? Truth is that was a long time ago and I think part of me can't let go because there's many unanswered questions and I feel confused and unsettled when there are unanswered questions. So, then I'm always on a quest to figure it out. I have moved on since then and am currently in love with someone (no one I can ever be with) but someone I love very much and who is quite special to me and hopefully will always be in my life. So, if I did friend him it would strictly be out of curiousity to see what kind of guy he is.

What would you do, friend them or just let it be?


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  • Don't friend him. You gotta look out for you first.


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  • If it's meant to be, he'll find you. I think it may look a little strange if you pursue knowing him after this. And it may cause trouble in your current relationships.

  • What's your goal to friend him online?
    He has a girlfriend. I would respect the girlfriend. and their relationship.
    If you see him in the store, be friendly, say hi.
    What's going on with the guy you are in love with? Why can it happen?

    • Just to understand what kind of guy he is, since I never talked to him before and was drawn to him without talking to him. Also, he doesn't work there anymore and he hasn't for a while.

      We're best friends and very good to and for each other. I mean he tells me "there's always hope" but it can't happen because he lives in another country.

    • 1. Yeah I wouldn't
      2. That's difficult

      Hope you meet some new friends in college