I need a hobby. Ideas? What's yours?

I need a hobby. I've never been much of a "hobby" person I guess, like my partner has his motorbike, I enjoy watching tv show s and reading a book if I go with him when he's riding. And I know they're hobbies. But I guess I want something like he has.
But on the cheaper side preferably.


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  • One thing I recently started was programming. It's easier than it looks. Pick up an arduino kit for $30 and make your friends think you're way smarter than you actually are.

    You could try something more physical. I did bowling all summer, I also love to go out for pool. It's best to go to a pool hall rather than a bar with a pool table. You still have the alcohol and you can bring your friends. All types of people show up and the atmosphere is generally really good.

    You can also try to get into home DIY projects. From printing shit onto strange materials to replacing the handle in your refrigerator with a zesty one you made. . . I don't know, some people make really cool shit tho

    You can also get into sewing. Nobody does it anymore and I think it's because of our culture but it used to be far more common for women to know how to sew and there is nothing wrong with that. That means you can talor your friends dresses, possibly your own one day.

    Sewing starts off with. . . simple sewing. Jeans that you would never be caught dead wearing and draw-string bags guys will think are cool. Then once you start following "Patterns" skillfully you can get onto the real fun which is to design the patterns yourself. Meaning you could make your own clothes from scratch. Think about how much cheaper a dress would be for you. The materials are readily available. From very cheap cotton to extremely expensive satins and denims. My great grandmother was average at it and my grandmother always tells me about how she would find a dress in a Magazine and she would make it.

    You can also try to find a new job. Maybe something more exciting. Can you dance? Work at a wedding entertainment company. I bet the right woman would make an Emcee like no one else! That work happens only on Fridays and weekends which is pretty cool. I can tell you from experience when you go to these weddings you eat like a king.

    Make meme's. You watch a lot of TV right? Why don't you keep an eye open for little moments that might be funny to watch in low quality with a cleaver caption?

    Your possibilities are endless. Finding a hobby is about being adventurous and not being afraid to try something new and hate it. My advice to you is that if something interests you even a little bit, just persue it. Who the hell cares how long it's gonna take you to learn to sew or how crazy it is to be a dancer on the weekends while working a 9-5. We're so young and we CAN do this now.

    • Aha thank you for your great reply! You gave me heaps of possibilities.
      Sewing was actually on my list, not necessarily to make dresses, but at least be able to make repairs (I don't know how to do it at all!).

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    • Well, I just googled 'how to sew socks" so we're on to something! lol

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  • Just try a bunch of things and see what sticks! :) I'd start with the ones that already interest you.

    My current hobbies and how I found them:
    - Running. I've always despised exercise, but my mom and sister-in-law both do 5ks and I thought it'd be fun to be able to run a race with them. Plus it occurred to me that running is a survival skill; there may be a time someday where I have to run for my life. Unlikely but possible :)
    - Dancing. This is something I've liked since I was young, but never pursued since I don't have the money for lessons. Then recently, my friend introduced me to a dancing group that meets once a week for $4 and now it's my highlight of every week.

    Hobbies I'm interested in but haven't tried yet:
    - Learn sign language
    - Dance lessons (as I said before)
    - Photography/film
    - Reading (I'm like a mainstream reader currently lol, I only read what's popular)

    Anyway, I hoped that thread would give you some ideas/inspiration lol. But you know yourself better than any of us :) Good luck!!

    • Yes, this is great! I also wanted to learn sign language until I learned that our countries stupidly have different sign languages (because why make life easy for people who are already at a disadvantage! lol).

      Yes, come Zombie Apocalypse you will definitely beat me. Getting into a regular exercise routine is something I'd be interested in for my health, hopefully it can become a hobby but otherwise it's simply a necessity.

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  • I like to build plastic models and while I understand this isn't a typical female activity, I do know of a few ladies that like it too. Just a thought anyway. :-)

  • Driving- not really a hobby, but it's fun and therapeutic

    Skipping rocks- I don't know if it's a hobby, but I actually enjoy it and have been doing it since I was a kid at the pond

    Astronomy- I am going to get a telescope at some point, but I love looking at stars and shit

    People watching- self explanatory

    I used to carve wood

    I want to get into pottery and glass blowing at some point

  • I blacksmith, build electronic devices, shoot bow, swing a sword, run, do woodwork, and workout. Also I G@G, read early Renaissance fighting manuals (especially fencing) paint, write poetry and practice shibari (Japanese intricate rope bondage).

    • Most of those are definitely not things I found on lists of "hobbies to try" lol. That's really awesome and interesting.

    • thank you.

  • It's really off beat, but useful, ties in with your boyfriend, is not difficult, and can actually make you money. Small engine repair.

    • Yes, he probably would like that. Although I can promise you, I could be a master mechanic.. He still wouldn't let me touch his baby.
      At least I'd understand.

      I was interested in trying, even just for myself one day if need be, but I don't even know where to start!

    • Well, if he's a gear head, that's the first place to start, but there are correspondence courses and probably YouTube courses for free. Start out changing the oil, the sparkplugs, making adjustments. Most people are self-taught.

    • He is a bit of a gear head, and I'm the mistress to his marriage with his motorbike. I think online is easier, he's not the best teacher lol.

  • I find fish keeping/breeding a very relaxing hobby. Once you get the hang of it, you can grow all kinds of exotic plants, fish, and invertebrates. The cost depends which species you wish to keep and how many.

    Best of luck!

  • My hobbies:
    • Anime/manga,
    • Languages,
    • Martial arts,
    • Internet

  • Someone already mentioned learning some mechanical skills, if you're into that and your boyfriend's into bikes that's not a bad idea.
    My hobbies - fishing, hunting/shooting, and bikes - are definitely not cheap, so I'm probably not much help.

    • Ah it's still an answer and it still sparks ideas.
      I am an expert, at catching the motor. I recently caught a swan. I tend to just poke the jelly fish now with my fishing rod. Although, the one fish I catch in my entire trip out, tends to be the best in the boat. Funny how that works :P

    • Yeah that seems to happen a lot- the person that doesn't care gets the big one haha. Catching a swan take some serious skill too lol

    • Damn thing spat the hook back at me. Missed me thankfully. Rest of that day they kept swimming around. I was paranoid every time it got close that it'd hurt me aha.
      I did care, I just sucked at it! lol

  • My hobby right now is watching other people doing their hobbies

    • People watching was on the list of cheap/free hobbies for people to try :P

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    • Exactly.
      I tend to stare back after a while at which point they give me some rude look like "god, why are you looking at me".
      Some people are silly. And they weren't daydreaming in my direction (at least not every time lol)

    • I only allowed one person to do it and u didn't mind

  • I learned how to make an electric guitar a few years ago, trying to make another this year. Plus I learned how to make another called pickups which are placed in the electric guitar to capture the vibration of he string and turn it into an electric signal. Bmaybe I can make money on it.

    Maybe you can pic up an instrument or art, or a sport. You must have something that you are interested in

    • Wow, you made an entire guitar? That's cool.

      Well, I'm currently in the process of dealing with injuries and pains while trying to lose weight so sports aren't likely. I suck at art aha, I try and fail. It can be fun, but sucking at it was lame.

    • That's alright, everybody sucks at art at first. Just keep going with it.

  • Mine is cooking

    • I love cooking too. I can't really afford it currently and our kitchen is quite lacking tools to properly do it like I used to!

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    • Yes, I have found sharp knives so much easier for chopping (obviously lol).
      I recently started making soups, keep tweaking with what I add (more celery last time, noodles this time).
      I make a good beef stew, they're quite fun. I'd like to try a lamb, but it's more expensive!

      I guess I just always preferred the serenity in baking. It kind of feels like chemistry (which I study). And it's fun. Although, my macarons, started good and have gotten progressively worse, so when I can bake again, that's one thing to work on again! lol

      I have no idea what Tex-Mex is but it sounds spicy lol

    • It's a spin on mexican food. Real popular where I live

  • Terrorize your local town by blasting music

  • Fashion designing

  • Photography.

    Well, but you said on the cheaper side...

    No idea.

    • Yes, and my phone is not the best!
      It's also just never appealed to me. Even in school when I did a photography elective, or my step dads camera (he does photography too).
      I do respect the people who can take amazing photos though lo

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    • True, but that's it, I don't know! aha.
      I pretty much did write what I like lol

    • Maybe try your hand at writing? Otherwise you could try watching old/classic critically acclaimed films. Maybe the Criterion collection. https://www.criterion.com/

  • Basketball and bodybuilding

  • you need to find something your'e good at, that looks interesting to you. you're not going to find it here on gag though, that's for sure

    • Never know.
      I am asking fellow humans what they find interesting because something may be interesting to me that I haven't thought about

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    • Wow, so because it worked for you, then that must be the way for everyone else?
      I also used online dating to meet my boyfriend while others meet theirs face to face.

      Maybe I just am a bit lost and can't quite think of things that could be hobbies and I thought, hey I'll ask others what they do. Because it's something.

      Go be a negative potato somewhere else.

    • can do what i want

  • an art that suits your fancy - visual art, writing, music.


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  • I love climbing, can't really do it other than in indoor halls here in the Netherlands but it's still fun & you can actually practise bouldering since there's mats and since I'm a student I get a huge discount for the university sports centre which offers a great variety of things to do, there's even a martial arts centre there where I might sign up for classes because I really need to go back to training on a regular basis. So if you're into sports that may be worth looking into, or have you ever considered learning how to play an instrument?
    I play the piano & spending time practicing new pieces is a good way to increase your ability to focus for a longer period of time.

    • That's cool, had considered doing a self defense class when I lost weight and could do it. But until then and wish injuries I am a bit at a loss for doing sports.

  • watching plays (my new obsession) I suggest "the woodsman" it made me actually tear up.

    • I can tear up in comedic movies. So I'm sure I'd need like 3 boxes of tissues

    • Lmao, I cry when innocent characters are forced to face despair 😥

    • I just start crying, I'm a total sap.
      If I like the innocent character I'll cry. I'll cry at the bad character too sometimes if they're back story is understandable.

  • Horseback riding
    Rock Climbing

  • Volunteer, knitt, coloring (very relaxing), pick up an instrument, garden

  • I'm a part time astronaut at NASA.

  • Tell us, what do you enjoy doing the most?

  • I like photography personally but there's always writing, drawing, painting, knitting, sewing, yoga, model building, floral arrangements, baking and cooking, languages etc.

    • I feel like you read a "15 hobbies" list on a website? lol

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    • Well that was like almost the exact order of some website I just saw :P
      Thanks for the answer though lol

    • Yep no problem!!