Do you think survival would be impossible if you were to shrink to a tiny size?

I think we may not be prepared for the everyday dangers that would be around us.
We'd be living a bug's life.


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  • Yes, but hey look on the bright side. We can fit into tiny cracks. 😅

    • Hahah yeah. Or trying to get someone's attention but they don't see you 🙁

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    • Yes, I think you will. 😅
      Go to the mice as well. They will show you the way. 😁

    • Thanks for the MHO! 😊

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  • Ants survive... so if we were to shrink we would just have to learn to adapt on a smaller scale

    • True , we just may not be prepared for the dangers and a "new world" we're not used to.

  • Yes.

    • Yeah I agree.

    • I mean think about it. We would be prey for now larger insects and animals. We'd be near the bottom of the food chain. I think it would suck if a bird swooped down and ate me. Plus humans would walk around us. Good luck getting someone's attention in this busy world before getting stepped on.

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  • You would have to be pretty resourceful - I would think odds are heavily against you

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