Does this video need a warning for the viewers? What should I say?

Some videos have an "explicit content" warning, some warn about sensitive content, and there are a lot of different ways to warn someone in a video or a movie that, perhaps, they might not want to watch it. Well, I'm working on a music video using footage from a video game. At one point, the character harms themselves and bleeds. Does that need a trigger or sensitive content warning? The graphics are far from realistic.

If it does, what should I say?

Oh, and the people that watch my videos are 11+


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  • Jesus Christ, if a person doesn't like the content of what they're viewing, how about they just stop viewing it? Why the bloody hell is there a need for these warnings? They seem like pandering to the meek.

    • Wouldn't you want a warning for something you've seen, done, or been bullied about? Or for something traumatic? Some people are sensitive to blood, and some people are trying to recover from self-harm. I don't know if showing it without a warning is a good idea.

    • "Wouldn't you want a warning for something you've seen, done, or been bullied about?"

      No, because I would watch it until that and then just stop if I don't like it.

      My point is that people with trauma have to adapt to society, not the other way around. I don't have to walk on eggshells around someone with a "past." They should instead learn to get back on their feet.

    • Fair enough. It's a few minutes into the video though, and I don't want it to appear all of a sudden. It doesn't fit with the story I'm telling. It fits the lyrics of the song I'm using. If someone's never heard that song, they don't know what to expect.

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  • Just put a text at the start saying "Contains footage rated __" Whatever rating the video game had. Why don't you show us the video or your channel?

    • For the sake of remaining anonymous on all of my YouTube accounts, I can't link anything... The video game itself is a children's/adult's game. I don't know what to rate a little fake blood and a fake cut.

  • I would have a disclaimer if it's going to be public, because it's still suggestive even if the graphics are poor.

  • "get the fuck over yourselves, you weak excuses for human beings"
    Trigger warnings are fucking stupid, you can set the video to 18+ if you want.

    • Is this on Youtube? Most 11 year olds play cod.

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    • 1) cod is likely 10x more graphic.
      2) then maybe don't show them what sounds like very low res, pixelated blood if it's that big of a deal?
      3) mkay lol

    • Should be able to post it without in my opinion.

  • I would go with a trigger warning for self harm.


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