Would people disrespect someone who didn't take care of herself?

I'm normally well-dressed etc. but I was feeling down lately.

I stopped showering, I stopped dressing up, I just look awful. I think how I look is reflective of how I feel.

It doesn't help that people already think badly of Indian girls and now I look bad. Plus sometimes I'm not groomed. Like I'll have a moustache, my eyebrows aren't done.

I think I'm a pretty girl and most people think so too, but sometimes when people act like I'm whatever I wonder if it's an appearance thing.


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What Guys Said 1

  • why would people think bad about indian girls? And no i wouldn't disrespect you or anyone else, unless you act weird towards me.

    • lol everyone thinks that they're you know... ungroomed etc.

    • Mhmm dont see why, nothing wrong. But i think about that to any race/country.

What Girls Said 1

  • I think people would be more concerned than anything else, especially if they know you and how you typically care for yourself.

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