Why are girls so bad at communicating?

What makes girls such inefficient communicators? Why is it so hard to find girls who can't spit out what's on her mind instead of going round and round to make a point?


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  • Mostly I feel like when I'm fighting with my boyfriend, or there is something we need to talk about, I feel embarrassed. Like I feel almost like my thoughts or opinions won't be validated. If I do get my thoughts out, it turns into an argument of whether I have a right to be upset over whatever it is or what not. So I've kind of shied away from voicing my opinion. But to be honest I never felt reassured in my opinions to begin with. Partly because of how I was raised. It is also probably due to the fact that if we show any emotion, women's opinions are often considered hysterical or dramatic. So that's why I think I have trouble communicating.

  • Some are shy


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