Did my uncle think I was jealous or something?

I went to India (from North America) for a trip. I was being rude to my uncle because he deserved it. When I saw his apartment, I don't think I was jealous exactly. More like I realized why he and my aunt are so arrogant.

I noticed he pointed out his office saying look this is our office, then hesitated and didn't bring it up again. When we got to our apartment, I said, 'well I like our house, it's away from all the noise.'

Again when we were in the car, my aunt said we all passed their second flat, and he said, the kids have no interest in it, let's move on.

His flat was not as beautiful as my own apartment back home, not even close.

However he hasn't seen my home, and he only has my flat in India to compare it to. Realistically his flat is way better than our India home, so I did wonder if he thought that.


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  • No, you exaggerating

    • No he was acting weird. Like he brought up his extended family, then with a glance at me, he told my mom he'd tell her later. He covered it up with again, the kids probably don't want to hear about it.

      See the thing is he can't be blatantly mean to me when my mom is right there and he is aware will be on my side, so he's subtle about his behaviour

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    • His wife doesn't like me. I also think she wants me to stay away from him.

      So I did start staying away from him only I started being mean to him so he reacted I guess. However, I wasn't overtly mean just a little distant. He was actually flat out mean.

    • Okay, that's your mom brother? Well I hope things change for the better between you and your uncle

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  • He seems like a tool

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