Ringing for a neighbor, only to get in?

Don't you feel weird when you have to ring for a neighbor in order to be able to enter the house and get to your friend's apartment? Would you do it?

  • I'd feel weird and wouldn't really do it
  • I'd feel weird but still do it
  • I wouldn't feel weird, but still not do it
  • I wouldn't feel weird and just do it
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  • Explain, please.

    • there's a house with five apartments, the button to ring for the apartment of your friend is broken. And in order to get into the house, you have to use the button for the apartment of his neighbor to ring there so there's someone to let you enter the house.

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    • Well, in my case he wasn't at home and I wanted to leave him a message in his mail box, but I'd have had to ring for someone to let me in to get to the mail boxes.

    • He needs to bug his landlord to fix the bell. Meantime, you should call before visiting.