If A 1980s Or 1990s Musician Wins The MTV Award For Music Video Of The Year Does That Mean Their Video Got The Most Video Airplay?

Please Explain :p


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  • I have to agree with @Waffles731, @Red88xxx
    Good luck and Great question, Thanks for Sharing. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence and too bad he don't ever agree with me, this cad. xx

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  • I don't know anything about how MTV gives out their awards. I haven't watched MTV in many years. The last time I checked in, I believe that Video Killed The Radio Star. :)

    • You mean literally the first Music Video ever played on MTV?

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    • Why was that the only music video you watched on MTV?

    • I watched MTV maybe 8-10 times over the first few years when it started but that video and "And She Danced" (by the Hooters) are the only videos I remember.

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  • I think there's just some kind of vote. Not sure if it's by some committee or if there's fan input or if it's just some Hollywood-generated PR move and someone is getting paid.

  • It's usually the video that was best, or people voted it best , maybe Martha Quinn had something to do with it 😊

  • No, it means MTV thought that it promoting it would get the most new views are make more money

    • What you said made absolutely no sense

    • MTV giving the award to a music video,
      They decide that promoting that video with an award will get them the most new views and this drives up ad sales with drives up profit

  • It is voted... not judged by playtime. But MTV also had a format back then. The original format had around a 2 hour planned selection of videos that looped repeatedly and was modified as a new video was released and entered. By the late 80's, that block was around 4 hours long. You could predict what video was next as it did not change until a new round of videos were added. If a video received "more" play in that era, it meant they were pushing it by adding it multiple times to a format. That usually meant they were paid to play it more.

    In the 90's Total Request Live was a spot where things could change up, but it really wasn't that different day to day...