I don't like Black People and I'm Afro Caribbean. Am I Racist?

Most Blacks I encounter in my lifetime are either aggressive, argumentative, assertive, vile, obnoxious or take things way too serious. I also dislike their lifestyle as well especially the music they play. They mostly play Rap, Trap Music and R&B which I dislike. I'm Mostly into Metal, Rock, Trance, Techno and Foreign Music. I don't like the way they speak. As much as I'm a gamer, The Black men that I know mostly plays Sport games like NBA 2k16 and they were surprised that I don't play them. I only play Shooters, RPG, Fighting, Action-Adventure and some Racing games if its my type. I notice that most blacks don't own any huge business or companies like other races do which could help generate income. I work with a lot of blacks at my job and they all have the same way of thinking especially the type of women I like. For example most black men like women with big asses , so there's a great chance that they are going to be attracted to overweight women. I'm into women that are slim to athletic toned types with beautiful features. If she happen to have a big ass, it has to be toned. I prefer bigger breast better. If I go against their lifestyle or theory, They view me as a outcast and disgusting. Someone I wish my company that I work for hired more Hispanics because I grew up around them and they seem to be open minded. I always something to talk about when I work with Hispanics. Sometimes I wish I knew Spanish due to a lot of Latin Americans migrating here in New York. Yes I do see myself with an Attractive Hispanic woman in the future because I'm more attracted to them. I barely associated with blacks most of them because of their lifestyle and personality. Am I such a bigot for think this way? Oh I'm Jamaican by the way


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  • Disliking aspects of a certain culture--even if it's a lot of aspects of that culture--is not in and of itself racist. It's when you start disliking people or when you make judgements about them based solely on their race that it errs into racist territory. Any race can be racist.


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  • Not a racist, but black American culture is vile, so no blame for disliking it.

    • Thank you. I was thinking the same thing. what about the Jamaican culture?

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    • I've only recently been interested in black girls. Asians are my favorite but I admit that white girls, especially Nordics, are the most beautiful. I love the brown girls too but haven't met many.

    • I guess Jamaican women help changed the way you feel about black women in general..

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